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Miniaturized electrochemical water cleaning technology

No added chemicals and no heavy metals, resulting in CO₂ savings. Fully electrified, ensuring proximity to the source of pollution and emphasizing an individualized process.

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Why choose NOAH?

  • Handling complex wastewaters Handling complex wastewaters
  • Lower 
maintenance Lower
  • Compact and 
modular Compact and
  • Easy to install and user-friendly Easy to install and user-friendly
  • Reduced and dryer sludge production Reduced and dryer sludge production
  • Energy efficiency Energy efficiency

The NOAH cartridge can easily be replaced, maintained, and shipped to our customers.

NOAH - Cartridge


NOAH - application - manufacturing


NOAH - application - mobility


NOAH - application - industrial


NOAH - application - real estate

Off grid real estate

NOAH - application - maritime


NOAH - application - food

Food processing

The NOAH Lab Reactor supports our research to development a process for your waste water.

We provide a kit with the necessary equipment to launch your experiments in no time. The coaxial cell design allows for better control over the chemical process through a continuous flow of the fluid and a homogeneous electric field between the anode & cathode. By reducing the consumption of chemicals, our process is significantly more ecological than others.
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You can do a indicative test.

Setup a sample test

Before treatment and after

Example: Results of a fly Ash treatment from a gas scrubber.

NOAH - before after treatment
  • -96% COD - Chemical Oxygen Demand
  • -21% sCOD - Soluble Chemicald
  • -68% TN - Total Nitrogen
  • -99% TP - Totla Phosphorus

The removal of PFAS

Our electro-coagulation cell is able to remove the hydrophobic PFAS via coagulation-flotation and separate them into a solid sludge fraction. Electro-oxidation with our cell in high conductive mediums is able to destroy and mineralise the hydrophobic (big organics) as well as the hydrophilic (small organics).



A decade of research

As technology progresses the price, effectiveness and miniaturization evolves. Allowing more industries to take advantage of electrochemical water treatment.

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About NOAH Water Solutions

Patented technology

NOAH's proprietary electrochemical cell technology offers a unique solution for efficient water treatment without clogging, holding a distinct advantage over conventional membrane-based and plate reactor systems.

Experienced team

Our diverse team of professionals is specialized in electrochemistry, water treatment, business development, and management, coupled with strategic partnerships.

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